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We firmly believe in creating a positive and symbiotic relationship with technology which enables us to be more mentally productive, creative and flexible.

At NeuroCreate we use Artificial Intelligence (AI) and neuroscience to enhance human cognition and augment work processes.  


Peak performance is not just for highly trained elites, but within reach for all of us. NeuroCreate’s innovative technology can activate signature brain patterns associated with 'Flow' mental states.




What is 'Flow'?


'Flow' is an enhanced mental state that can enable us to focus on the details and simultaneously be aware of the bigger picture. When we are in flow, we can quickly change strategy and be resilient in whatever situation we find ourselves in as It helps improve wellbeing and develop better insight, allowing us to overcome challenges at work.



NeuroCreate is bringing together neuroscience, positive psychology and systems design-thinking in a combined framework to enable you to optimise your mental states.


At NeuroCreate we value a society that puts the human in the centre.






FlowCreate TM  Innovator

Our personalised, interactive, AI-powered platform provides a suite of digital tools that help you be more efficient and productive in your ability to problem-solve, strategise and ideate.

Stimulate your creativity 

Stimulate your creativity 

Find inspirations in the most unexpected ways, which bring meaning to you and your work and build new ideas which will enable you to reach new heights never imagined before.

Differentiate your ideas

Real-time, intelligent topic-relevant keyword generation which helps you to delve deeper than your competitors helping you to reach your goals quickly and accurately.

Mental Flexibility

Visual identity with keyword enables lateral thinking helping you to solve and strategise toughest of challenges giving you novel solutions to win over your clients.



Saves Time

Save time on creative campaigns, ideation, design and development through the automated generation of visual layouts, metaphors, taglines/headlines and long copy


Higher Quality

Higher quality of the brand strategy and discovery process  through automated audio capture of brainstorms with clear presentation and organisation of ideas to identify more promising tracks


More Efficient

More efficient and productive meetings with exportable well-structured and presentable documents of ideation session to colleagues, clients doing away with the need to 'write up notes' afterwards


FlowCreate TM  Profiler

'Flow' training allows meaningful engagement with our work which increases self-motivation and is highly rewarding which translates into individual happiness and collective growth. 


Identify Flow State

Our service accurately detects and enables 'Flow' mental states throughout your workday giving you a more tailored workflow. 


Flow Profile

Through our Quantified Self-approach, we provide you with a 'Flow' profile that reveals your unique productivity patterns.


Organise Better

Highlights the best times of the day for deep thinking, allowing you to organise your day most efficiently


Creative Facilitation

Let us show you how to reach ‘Flow’.

Founded by NeuroCreate's CEO Shama Rahman, Jugular Productions is a sister agency specialising in the interdisciplinary meeting of technology, art and science.

If you require a more hands-on creative experience, fill out the interest form on this webpage or head to the website to book workshops, consultations, talks and immersive events. We can offer in-person facilitation of ideation sessions using NeuroCreate’s technology as well as productivity methodologies. 



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