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FlowCreate Innovator uses the power of AI to explore ideas, identify connections, analyze themes, and make it all easy to share.
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FlowCreate Innovator - Augmenting Your Team's Creative Process

Step beyond groupthink

Type in keywords or phrases from your creative brief to see intelligent, related terms. Play with various filters to consider ideas beyond the perspectives in the room.

Capture your


 Save words and images that spark the most interesting ideas to a moodboard. Perfect for conveying your vision back to your client, stakeholders or other creatives in the office.

Quickly explore new areas

Our machine-learning algorithm suggests new terms and ideas inspired by online content. ​Use the search engine in the application to do creative research without getting your team off track.

Analyze your


After you've generated terms, images and inspiration freely, let the Idea Analysis tool remove human bias and identify emergent concepts to pinpoint your best ideas.

What people say

Cristina, Art Director

"I think tools like this can be really useful for moments when you feel like you're hitting a dead end in terms of idea generation and you need to switch your thinking to a different path. So having this software to play around with freely, in a non-time restricted manner and without intermediations would really help give my mind a little reset. Like a ballpit for my brain!"

Sean, Copywriter

"Useful as a support aid to speed up some of the more lower-level thinking and save concentration/energy for more high-level and abstract parts of the creative process. Basically, I can see this helping me save more juice for the spark that happens."

George, Strategist

"It's a good starting or jumping off point. When you don't have any idea where to go with a topic, it can be a quick way to find inspiration, especially with new ways to think about a subject."

Let FlowCreate Innovator do the heavy lifting so you can get to your best ideas in less time.