It's like having another creative in the room!
Do you miss the buzz of brainstorming sessions with your team?
FlowCreate Innovator is an AI-powered collaborator that explores new perspectives for you, to produce better project work, faster.
FlowCreate Innovator Ignites Your Creative Spark 

Expand Your 


Deconstruct your client brief to explore related terms. Use our customisable filters to see ideas from different perspectives.

Capture Your

Stream of Consciousness

 Save your favourite terms and concepts to the moodboard. Convey your vision back to your client and get feedback from your creative network.

Get Inspired

Generate related proverbs and haikus to inspire original copy. ​The integrated search engine makes creative research easy and convenient.

Analyze Your


Once you've generated terms, images and inspiration, the Idea Analysis tool helps you identify emergent concepts and pinpoint your favourite ideas.

Push past any creative block with FlowCreate Innovator.