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It's a Creative Partner!
FlowCreate™ Innovator is your personal AI-powered creative collaborator. Using intelligent prompts, it helps you come up with thought-provoking ad content, strategy or brand concept; design an exciting product or game; explore different innovation directions, or write a new script or song!
With the power of play, the Innovator augments your creative process to produce high quality creative work - faster.
What people say in Advertising & Branding...

Cristina, Art Director

"I think tools like this can be really useful for moments when you feel like you're hitting a dead end in terms of idea generation and you need to switch your thinking to a different path. So having this software would really help give my mind a little reset. Like a ballpit for my brain!"

Sean, Copywriter

"Useful as a support aid to speed up some of the more lower-level thinking and save concentration/energy for more high-level and abstract parts of the creative process. Basically, I can see this helping me save more juice for the spark that happens."

David, Strategist

"It normally take us a week to walk around a strategy, but with your tool, I literally have the strategy direction I can implement after 45 minutes. It gets different members of the creative and strategy team to agree on nuances of a concept towards a cohesion"

FlowCreate Innovator Ignites Your Creative Spark 


Deconstruct your creative concept with Innovator's AI-powered in-depth suggestions, to stimulate lateral thinking.

Play with different filters of storytelling, psychographics & innovation to consider ideas beyond your original perspectives.

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 Save your favourite terms and concepts to the moodboard. Convey your vision back to your client, colleagues and get feedback from your creative network.



Innovator's AI prompts intelligent associations trained on 183 million sources of culture, trends, innovation, design, games, architecture, science, engineering, technology and more. Generate proverbs and haikus to inspire copy and imagination.

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Once you've generated terms, images and inspiration freely, let the Idea Analysis tool help you identify emergent concepts and remove human bias to pinpoint your top insights.

Testimonials by Fashion & Product Designers... 
User Comments

"Its like a 2nd brain! Playful way to develop ideas…" 

“Brainstorm ideas better, come up with conceptual themes, research new relevant topics. Workshop with clients”

“Spark off new ideas. Change the direction of thinking” 

"It's a good starting or jumping off point. When you don't have any idea where to go with a topic, it can be a quick way to find inspiration, especially with new ways to think about a subject."

Push past any creative block with FlowCreate Innovator. 

Thanks for subscribing!

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