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Zeitgeist, developed by the artists/researchers Dr Olive Gingrich and Dr Shama Rahman, uses deep learning algorithms to indicate ‘Flow’, turning the artwork into an interface of creative collaborative practices.

Zeitgeist measures whether audiences are in a Flow mental state, a state of increased creative stimulation, reduced stress and increased relaxation. Zeitgeist analyses this data and represents Flow states as visual cues - a process called ‘nudging’. Lighter colours and more complex forms represent a heightened state of Flow.

Visual cues provide information on Flow as measured via an EEG – an electroencephalogram  which records brain activity. NeuroCreate's proprietary deep-learning algorithm compares these inputs to a brainwave signature pattern of Flow. This sculpture represents Flow mental states of the artists creatively collaborating, compared against brainwave signature patterns of FLOW identified by Dr. Rahman during her doctorate and now developed further with her startup NeuroCreate's Flow classification.

Zeitgeist guises

Pyramid cropped.png
Augmented reality
Aluminium-mounted C-print
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